Strategy for the - Pin-Bar

Trade in candles is considered the most profitable because candles provide the trader with the most accurate information about the behavior of the market. This strategy is not complex and fairly simple for general understanding. For convenience, points have been made, following which you will start earning money.

Strategy (Step by step in photos).

Choosing the asset

1) Initially we go to the Expertoption trading platform itself. I managed to find out that not all assets are suitable for this strategy, so we go to the asset selection menu.

Choosing the asset on the

Tuning the asset

2) In the Short tab, we select AUD/USD and the end time of the deal, which depends on your local time. I should note that this asset has the highest percentage profit from a winning deal, this will play into our hands. Click Apply.

Tuning the asset on the

Selecting the chart

3) Now we need to select the type of chart we need for further trading. To do this, go to the menu at the top left of the platform.

Selecting the chart on the

Tuning the chart

4) We choose Candles and a period of 5 seconds, in my opinion - this is the best option. After click Apply.

Tuning the chart on the

The strategy itself

5) Now we will talk about the strategy itself. If you have any idea about candles and know roughly what and how, then you will not cause any difficulties what I am now writing. In order to determine the direction of the graph,
we will need to wait for a candle, in which the body is smaller than the wick. A long wick, pointing downwards, indicates that the graph will go up. Accordingly, the wick directed upwards is a sign that the graph will go down.

Strategy on the expertoption

Trade result

6) You can safely withdraw your profits after a successful transaction.

Making money on the Expert Option

Summing up

Summing up, having learned and adapted to the candles on Expertoptions broker, which are the main type of trading chart, you will be able to squeeze out the maximum of your trades.
They are not so difficult to use as they seem at first glance, but mastering them, you will go to the next stage of trading in the financial market.