Strategy for the using the indicator - Moving average

Now I will tell and show how to use this strategy and how to get a stable good profit on Expertoptions broker ...

Strategy (Step by step in photos).

Choosing the asset

1) First of all, we go to the ExpertOption trading platform itself and go to the asset selection menu.

Choosing the asset on the

Selecting the asset

2) In the short tab, select EUR / USD and put the desired end of the transaction (depends on your local time). From the right side, you will be able to see the profit that you will get when you win in percent. After all, click on the Apply button.

Selecting the asset on the

Choosing the indicator

3) We will use the Moving Average indicator. To activate it, follow the instructions below: in the menu above, click on the icon as shown below.

Choosing the indicator on the

Selecting the indicator

4) In the New indicator tab, select the moving average.

Selecting the indicator on the

Tuning the indicator

5) In the menu that appears, you can customize this indicator, namely the period, color, type and width of the line. I recommend leaving it as it is (period 10, type SMA, as for color and Width of the line, this is at your discretion).

Tuning the indicator on the expertoption

Strategy itself

6) A line appears on your screen, it's quite easy to handle it, namely, to predict the behavior of the graph. Everything is extremely simple, if the line goes down, then put down, as shown in the picture. If the line goes up, then put it up.
Pre-select the amount of your bet and click on the appropriate button.

Strategy on the expertoptions

Trade result

7) Wait until the end of the transaction and get your profit.

Make money on the Expert Option

Summing up

Thus, using this simple, but at the same time profitable strategy, you can go into a big plus and make your trading on binary options more profitable.