Strategy for the using the indicator - Parabolic SAR

Today we will get acquainted with the indicator Parabolic SAR. We will learn how to use it on the Expertoption trading platform to get a stable profit. I can notice that absolutely any currency pair is suitable for this strategy. The strategy itself is quite simple and consists of only 5 steps.

Strategy (Step by step in photos).

Choosing the indicator

1) First of all, we go to the ExpertOption trading platform itself and go to the indicator selection menu.

Choosing the indicator on the

Selecting the indicator

2) In the indicator selection menu select the Parabolic SAR.

Selecting the indicator on the

Tuning the indicator

3) Here we can adjust the acceleration and maximum acceleration, as well as the color itself. I recommend leaving it as it is. Now we need to confirm our choice by clicking on the Apply button as it shown in the screenshot.

Tuning the indicator on the

The strategy itself

4) Now we need to wait for the moment when the points will move from top to bottom or from bottom to top. After that it will be necessary to buy the option accordingly, if the point appeared from the bottom, set up if the point appeared from above, set down.

Strategy on the

Trade result

5) Take your profit and go to trade further.

Making profit on the expertoption

Summing up

Everything is extremely simple. To sum it up, we can say that not much effort is needed to start earning. It is enough to be able to think and make the right decisions.