Strategy for the using the indicator - Alligator

Today we will consider the principle of trade, or rather the strategy using the indicator Alligator. This strategy is quite simple, and I'm sure it will not cause you any difficulties in the process, even if you are a beginner in this matter. Following all the points listed below, you will understand how to trade in a plus.

ExpertOptions Strategy step by step

Choosing the asset on ExpertOptions

1) First of all, we go to the ExpertOption trading platform itself. At the top left, we go to the asset selection menu.

Choosing the asset on the

Selecting the asset

2) In the Short tab, select the asset that we need (in this case it is EUR/USD). We set the end time for the deal, which depends on your local time and click Apply.

Selecting the asset on the

Choosing the indicator

3) Now we need to select an indicator, with which we will trade using this strategy. To do this, we go to the menu of selecting indicators in the top menu of the site.

Choosing the indicator on the Expert option

Selecting the indicator

4) In the New Indicator tab we select Alligator. Next, we will be able to customize our indicator.

Selecting the indicator on the Expertoption

Tuning the indicator

5) We are presented with a peculiar menu of settings for this indicator, in which we can adjust: the period, the shift, the color and the width of the line for the Jaws, the teeth and the lips.
I advise you to leave everything as it is, except for the color and width of the line for further convenient use. At the end of the settings, click the Apply button

Tuning the indicator on the Expertoption

The strategy itself

6) Already in the trading page, we will need to wait for the moment when the red line crosses green line up-down. In this case, we can safely put down, as shown on the picture.

The strategy on

Trade result

7) The strategy works fine, and you get your profit.

Making profit on

Summing up

Thus, we considered another simple strategy, which is suitable, as for beginners, and for experienced traders. From my point of view, this is a great way to multiply your capital.