Strategy for the using the indicator - Bollinger Bands

This strategy is slightly more complicated than the method when using the indicator moving average, but it is still great for beginners. With its help, you can multiply your capital, and most importantly it is quite easy. Follow the following points and repeat.

ExpertOptions Strategy step by step

Choosing the asset

1) Go to the Expertoptions trading platform and go to the asset selection menu at the top left of the page. Click on the down arrow, as shown on the picture.

choosing the asset on the

Selecting the asset

2) Already in the asset selection menu, in the Short tab we select the USD/NOK asset. Accordingly, we set the transaction end time (depending on your location) that you need and click Apply.

selecting the asset on the

Choosing the indicator

3) After setting up the asset, we go back to the trading page and click on the next icon to select the indicator ...

choosing the indicator on the

Selecting the indicator

4) In the New indicator tab, select the Bollinger Bands

selecting the indicator on the

Tuning the indicator

5) At this stage you will need to configure this indicator. If you are a beginner trader, then I advise you to leave everything as it is, except that you can customize the color and width of each line (there are 3 of them).
After doing these actions, click on the Apply button.

tuning the indicator on the expertoptions

The strategy itself

6) Now, we begin to watch the chart, and as soon as the upper and lower waves (in my case red and blue) begin to expand, we can immediately put down.
Before this, do not forget to select the desired bet amount and click on the corresponding button (down or up). As you could already guess, if the waves begin to narrow, then we put up.

strategy on the expertoption

Trade result

7) Get your profit at the end of the transaction.

making money on the expertoptions

Summing up

Everything is extremely simple. To sum it up, we can say that not much effort is needed to start earning. It is enough to be able to think and make the right decisions.