Strategy for the using the indicator - MACD

Today we will get acquainted with the indicator MACD, namely, how to use it in various strategies. Today I will show you the working principle of one of them. It is quite simple and easy to understand, so for beginners it will also work. You will be presented with 7 steps, following which, you can expand your knowledge in trading and start earning more.

Strategy (Step by step in photos).

Choosing the asset

1) As you guessed, first we need to go to the trading platform itself, and then go to the asset selection menu at the top left of the page.

Choosing the asset on the

Selecting the asset

2) Already in the asset selection menu, in the Short tab, select GBP/USD and the end time of the transaction, which depends on your local time.
As you have already noticed, the percentage of the winnings in percent of the amount you have put is written opposite the assets. In our case, it is 77%. Not the biggest percentage, but we can work with this more than you expect.

Selecting the asset on the

Tuning the asset

3) At this stage, we move on to selecting and configuring the indicator. To do this, go to the menu for selecting indicators as shown in the picture.

Tuning the asset on the

Selecting the indicator

4) Here, in the New indicator tab, we select MACD. Next, go to the setting.

Selecting the indicator on the

Tuning the indicator

5) In this window, we can adjust the fast and slow period, as well as the period of the signal. The color and line width settings were not forgotten. By the way, I recommend them only for your convenience (MACD settings). In the end, click on the Apply button.

Tuning the indicator on the expertoption

Strategy itself

6) We go back to the trading platform itself. Now, the whole point of strategy ... We need to catch the moment when the indicator will show the following: the red line crosses from the top down to the green line.
After that, boldly put down. Do not forget to specify the desired amount of your bet and click on the corresponding button (Up / Down).

Strategy on the expertoptions

Trade result

7) We get our profit and go to trade further. Everything is extremely simple.

Making money on the Expert Option

To sum up

To sum it up, we can say that not much effort is needed to start earning. It is enough to be able to think and make the right decisions. I hope you enjoyed this strategy and will please you with your profitability.